Reach Marketing work with trades professionals to improve business branding and develop quality customer leads.

We have found that many Perth tradesmen don't have enough time to concentrate on promoting their business and often overlook marketing themselves to get new customers. This can often mean that a tradesman may decide to take a job which may be too difficult or they may cut their prices to ensure they are awarded the job. 

Reach Marketing aim to help Perth businesses improve customer enquiries and get the best quality work. We will do the marketing so you can specialise in what you do best!

Perth Community Newspapers

A lot of Perth businesses are aware that they need promote their business and services within local newspapers to attract customers. Some choose to place paid advertising within publications whilst others try to offer press releases for publishing.

Both advertising and press releases can be very effective if done well. Reach Marketing have put together some useful tips below. If you need assistance with either advertisement placement or Press release submission then please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Social Marketing

Social media platforms are used on a daily basis and have become a very important part of many peoples lives.  These are the four main social media platform's that Reach Marketing recommend to our clients.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. You Tube
  4. Instagram

These social networks provide a great opportunity for Perth businesses to communicate with their current customer base and entice new buyers.



Facebook groups: We have found that Facebook groups are a great way for small business to get in contact with people in their local suburb or city. There are many Facebook groups which businesses can join and share their experience. By becoming an active member in a group you will be able to highlight previous work you have undertaken and also post news and special offers on services you provide.

There has never been a better time for Tradies to get more business from using the internet to market their services.

Repeat business from recommendations and general advertising will always be an essential part of building a good strong business. It is now more important for trades professionals to market themselves online. Potential customers will often reach for their computes, mobile phones before looking at anything else. This why it is important to be online and listed in the places where your future customers may find you.

Reach Marketing has put together some advice and tips on how Perth trade professionals can market themselves effectively and efficiently online. 


It is often said, that only a small percentage of advertising actually works. Throwing money into advertising does not automatically guarantee increased profits. That being said, most businesses still need to advertise to generate new customers. So how do you avoid wasting money when it comes to advertising your business?

We at Reach Marketing have come up with the TUCKER rule when devising clever marketing campaigns for our clients.

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