Social media platforms are used on a daily basis and have become a very important part of many peoples lives.  These are the four main social media platform's that Reach Marketing recommend to our clients.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. You Tube
  4. Instagram

These social networks provide a great opportunity for Perth businesses to communicate with their current customer base and entice new buyers.



Facebook groups: We have found that Facebook groups are a great way for small business to get in contact with people in their local suburb or city. There are many Facebook groups which businesses can join and share their experience. By becoming an active member in a group you will be able to highlight previous work you have undertaken and also post news and special offers on services you provide.

Boosting Facebook status messages: Facebook also provides a great way to share latest news about your business. You can add a status message with links, images and offers. You can then use a paid adverting boost to target an audience or area to encourage more views from potential buyers.


Twitter: We have found twitter to be a great tool to share our clients blog posts, products images and company announcements. The use of local location centred # tags also help get these tweets get seen by people in the local Perth suburbs.


The use of video's has grown dramatically over the last few years and we are encouraging our clients to use video's to show off their latest projects. This is has been popular with building companies wanting to show off their latest home construction to new customers. We also find video works well for before and after images for a numbers of trades such as painters, plumbers and kitchen installations.


Instagram: More small businesses are starting to use Instagram to show people their work. This social platform is popular with our interior design clients who are keen to show the latests trends in design to their customers. 

No matter what type of business you run, Reach Marketing can tailor a 'Social Media Campaign' to meet your needs and help you reach your target audience.


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