Perth Community Newspapers

A lot of Perth businesses are aware that they need promote their business and services within local newspapers to attract customers. Some choose to place paid advertising within publications whilst others try to offer press releases for publishing.

Both advertising and press releases can be very effective if done well. Reach Marketing have put together some useful tips below. If you need assistance with either advertisement placement or Press release submission then please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

5 Tips How to get the most from paid advertising

  1.  Ask the publication: where is the most successful place to advertise? what is the most popular day of the week for your advert? Do they offer a multi-booking discount?
  2. Ensure you are aware of booking and artwork deadlines. If you can get to know the timeline of the publication you may be able to grab your self a last minute bargain. It’s also good to be organised so you get published on the day you want to rather than it being held to a later date.
  3. Look out for any specific upcoming features that are related to your product. If your advert is near a relevant story then you will often get a better response.
  4. Make sure your advert is immediately noticed. This is true with both display adverts and also text only adverts. Use images that stand out and wording that grabs attention. Popular words that stand out include ‘Sale’,’Free Quote’,’New’,’Special Offer’.
  5. Ensure all your contact details are correct. Check phone numbers, addresses, opening times etc,  

Need advertising help?
Reach Marketing are experts at getting you the best price and featured in the best places. Contact us if you would like assistance with advertising design and placement. 

5 Tips On How To Get The Best Results With Press Releases

  1. Grab the readers attention with a catchy headline. This is your first chance to impress and get people to read a story.
  2. Try to ensure that your press release is interesting. Journalists like to publish things that interest their readers. Do not write a sales advert. Keep your article interesting and entertaining. Something everyone may like to read. Keep to 1 page if possible.
  3. Provide good quality and high resolution images. Newspapers like it when you make their job easier. If you can provide some good quality photos then the publication will not have to send out a photographer or source images themselves.
  4. Make sure that your release uses correct spelling and grammar.
  5. Add your contact details and give the journalist an opportunity to get more information from you if needed.

Need help creating your press release?
Reach Marketing can help with wording and distribution of press release. Contact us today if you need more information.

We have experience in building relationships with local media groups and professional content writers who can works with you to tell your story or business news.

List of Local Newspapers


  • Eastern Reporter, Guardian Express, Stirling Times, Western Suburbs Weekly 


  • Avon Valley Gazette, Comment News, Hills Gazette, Kalamunda Reporter, Midland Reporter, The Advocate


  • Joondalup Times, North Coast Times, Wanneroo Times, Weekender


  • Canning Times, Cockburn Gazette, Fremantle Gazette, Melville Times, Southern Gazette


  • Kwinana Courier, Mandurah Coastal Times, Pinjarra Murray Times, Weekend Courier 

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